Mabuhay! We recently celebrated our first year of marriage and as per tradition, we've decided to reward our 'hard work' with of course, travel! The original plan was going to Copenhagen (scored really cheap tickets) but due to unforseeable circumstances a.k.a me losing Gelo's BRP (UK visa) we just had to ditch the plan and … Continue reading Highlands

First stop: Warner Bros. Studios (Harry Potter)

As I said, I'm back-la! Starting my chika in 3... 2.. 1... Pak! We asked for a week leave since we originally planned to go to Spain (Ibiza sana) but, due to unforseeable ganaps, wit na siya na-i-push. So, instead of putting those days into waste, mega plan nalang ng roadtrip around England! Perfect timing … Continue reading First stop: Warner Bros. Studios (Harry Potter)