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We recently celebrated our first year of marriage and as per tradition, we’ve decided to reward our ‘hard work’ with of course, travel!

The original plan was going to Copenhagen (scored really cheap tickets) but due to unforseeable circumstances a.k.a me losing Gelo’s BRP (UK visa) we just had to ditch the plan and just go local. So for plan B, I let my ever dependable husband (why am I rolling my eyes typing this? Lol) plan the whole trip for a change. He arranged everything – from itinerary to booking the hotel to driving us there.

From Essex, it was more or less 10 hours getting to the Highlands. Since it’s winter season and the sun basically sets at 3pm, we had to leave early to catch at least a bit of light. Out first stop- Hadrian’s Wall.

Technically the wall still lies within England however, having taken our life in the UK exam (had loads of history questions) fairly recently, we understood how it was associated to Scotland and we got curious how it still exists considering the x amount of years it has been there. Honestly though, it’s literally just a wall.

From the wall, we drove for 4-5 more hours passing by the city of Glasgow to get to one of their famous Lochs (Irish, Scotting gaelic term for Lake), Loch Lomond.

This lake is actually one of the largest in the whole Great Britain. During this trip, I have been obsessed with taking pictures by the jetty (dock) and luckily we found this sweet spot. The water was so still and it almost looked like it was an extension of the sky. So serene I love it!

After that long drive, we had an early rest in a small town called Garelochhead and stayed overnight in the Anchor Inn. The next morning (day of our anniversary) we had the chance to enjoy the sunrise over Loch Lomond.

From there, we drove for another 2 hours planning to get to the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct. On our journey I must say we had to stop multiple times (too often that I may have annoyed Gelo a bit haha) especially when we passed by the Glencoe Valley just to appreciate the breathtaking views. If any of you are planning to visit and capable of driving on your own instead taking tours, I strongly recommend you to do so.

From the original plan to get to the duct by 10, we arrived 2 hours late lol. For food, we actually packed Adobo + Rice and just ate at the parking lot (Tipid techniques).

I’m sure any Potterhead would be familiar of this view – The Glenfinnan Viaduct. On arrival, there is an actual visitors area where you can buy souvenirs, food and use the loo. They also have a carpark and charge £3 for the whole day. On the side, they have a trail leading to a viewpoint which is the view you see from the picture above. If you want a better and closer look (which I’m sure you would), from the visitor centre turn right, walk until you see the next entry to your right.

We had to do a bit of hike (around 10-15 minutes) which wasn’t too bad considering you get this view. Thank god it was sunny too!

For our sunset session, it took us another 3 hours to get to our next spot, Eilean Donan Castle. Normally, there is an admission fee of £7.50 but they just finished a wedding event so fortunately the gates were opened to public. As much as seeing the inside of the castle is a treat, I personally preferred this view:

I couldn’t think of a better way to end this special day. Scotland continues to capture our hearts. Super stunning!

On our last full day before heading home, we visited more castles starting with Urquhart which overlooks the ever so famous Loch Ness.

Admission to the castle costs £9 and an hour would probably be enough to see the ruins. The next castle was Dunrobin and it was so dreamy I felt like I was in a Cinderella movie.

They are actually closed for winter but for some reason, they gates to the gardens were open so we just took the opportunity to snap some pictures! Would be a nice setting for pictorials or even weddings.

Overall, I think our anniversary trip is a success. Of course the most important thing is that we spent quality time and just enjoyed hours and hours singing and talking about anything. I also enjoyed the fact that I took a back seat in terms of arranging all details for the trip. Will let him do all the planning the next time we leave for a holiday.

That’s all for now. Taaaaaaa!

PS. Here’s our video!

Lamyerda Diaries

First stop: Warner Bros. Studios (Harry Potter)

As I said, I’m back-la! Starting my chika in





We asked for a week leave since we originally planned to go to Spain (Ibiza sana) but, due to unforseeable ganaps, wit na siya na-i-push. So, instead of putting those days into waste, mega plan nalang ng roadtrip around England! Perfect timing nga kase we just got our Baby Kadjot a couple of months ago so perfect na mabinyagan siya sa long drive. We also devised a very specific tipid meal plan for the whole trip which consisted of adobo (day 1) adobo  (day 2), and more adobo (day 3) for more chances of winning!

So, the route was, Warner Bros. Studios – overnight @ Cheltenham – Cotswolds the next half day – Bath (overnight) – Stonehenge – Home! I will make chika the rest of the places we went to but for now, let’s start with everyone’s favorite – H E R R Y P A H T A H R!

The tickets mga ateh, costs £35 each for adults (kung kuripot ka, medyo mahalia fuentes siya) and take note, you should book it in advance cause super benta siya to everyone and usually, they have a quota so everyone can enjoy the studio na walang natetegi sa stampede. Charot.

Actually since we first got here sa UK, matagal ko nang plan to go here, but everytime na I try check their site, fully booked na yung dates na bet ko. So yes, inabot ng two years and 8 months bago ko talaga siya na-avail ng bonggang bongga! Sulit naman ang wait mga teh. Super enjoy! Ang lakas maka fresh yung ganitong aura! Felt like a child again (naks!). It’s also amazing na di lang siya for kiddos. Take note, madami din yung tita and titos na super enjoy. And, from different parts of the world pa! Pang UN levels ang delegation.

At the queue, may mga pa-quotes naman si Auntie.

After the queue, they lead you into this room na may mga pa-film viewing churna churna bells. Then, ang paepek ng mga lola mo, biglang shosho-as ang screenabels and charaaaan! The giant door! Medyo nadisappoint lang ako kasi they ask from the crowd whoever’s celebrating their birthday para sila yung magoopen ng door. Magtataas sana ako ng kamay kaso baka hanapan ako ng birth certificate or proof of purchase, so give ko na saknila yun. Sayang, nagpula pa naman ako.

So the door leads you in here! Ahhhh!!!

These were the actual set, props and costumes na ginamit nila sa movie. Haaaay ang sarap maging bata ulet!

The studio was divided into different sections. After this first section, super naenjoy namin yung green screen section where you ride the broomstick and and umacting acting lang! Hahaha! Kebs na sa mga taong nanonood sayo, basta importante performance level!


Honestly, getting a copy of the video was a bit pricey (£25 each! Kaloka!) but since we had a great time, pikit mata nalang namin binili kasi sayang naman ang winning performance if we just let it go. With the amount you paid naman, you get an option if you want it in dvd or usb and since mas may potential na magmukang souvenir item si usb, siya nalang kinuha namen.

Nest section: Train Station! Plus the famous Platform 3/4!

Musn’t miss: BUTTERBER!!!!!

Third section! 

Loool! Pak na pak! He was actually gonna sit there tapos biglang sinita kame ni ate girl!


Opo ate. Di na nga lang!

Naging photo dump na! Self explanatory na ang caption and here’s the next section!

And for the finale…

In a span of 4-5 hours, we had so much fun! Sulit!

PS. Here’s a compilation of my super excited ako snaps for that day. enjoy!