Chasing pavements, chasing Adele! 

Talk about throwback.

Where do I even begin?

When they announced her concert a couple of months ago, of course I was one of the millions of hopefuls  who can’t wait to get my hands on that ticket. Yet, all of my hopes came crumbling down when of course, the ticket was like 200 quid. As much as I love her, I didn’t think spending that big amount would be worth it. So, just like that time I missed Beyonce’s concert, I just went to itunes and spent 10 quid on her album instead. Sayaaaaaaang.

It was Tuesday, and I was in Cambridge for my study day when I just randomly scrolled through one of the ticket sites when a popping £80 ticket caught my attention. It was literally just 5 hours away from the concert and there I was hyperventilating at the idea of being able to come to her show anyway- after already accepting the fact that I could’t. It was in the middle of class, so I was pretend listening so I could focus a bit more, trying to rush to the link for that not so cheap but affordable ticket. Then, there it was, too good to be true but true anyway. I checked if it is legit, then texted Gelo if he wanted to watch blah blah blah. After his go signal. Baaam! There goes my email and my e-ticket! I swear after this I was floating away and didn’t even pay attention to the lectures at all. Sorry Richard.

We decided to meet up at O2 instead since I will be coming from Cambridge and he’ll come from work. I got there first so I bought some takeaway and since we couldn’t bring it inside, we just ate at a random bench outside. It was also my first time inside the arena and man, it is huge.

We didn’t have the best seats, but it was decent anyway. We were also convinced we had a good deal since there were friends we knew who bought the ticket for like 300 quid and we’re surprised to see that we had a better view than them.

She opened the night with Hello and we both were in pure awe. She was THAT good! For a moment, I was teary eyed maybe because of the voice, the song, the actual experience, the money (charot). She was phenomenal, PERIOD.
You’re next Beyonce, Coldplay (?)!