Aca-nthoughts, Married Life

Year 2.

2 years, my love.

For better – this year, I’ve seen how you’ve grown (I mean about other growth but if you’re thinking physically well yeah, I’ve seen that too and you weren’t alone in that division, lol). You took a leap of faith and changed jobs; you left your comfort zone for more opportunity for learning; your perceptions about human nature matured, which meant you no longer fret about your frustrations because you now understood how people are people; you’ve become more responsible; you’ve accepted the fact that you will always be in charge of feeding me lol;

For worse – In all our years as friends first till we got married, we’ve sailed our roughest sea this year. Although we’ve had our small victories, we’ve also seen losses – the one where you’ve lost a big piece of your heart, one that is irreplaceable and impossible to forget. I’ve seen how you’ve tried to detach yourself from your emotions in front of everyone and still give them your warmest smile. But then, I’ve also witnessed how you bend and break quietly in a corner, ripples of grief flooding your eyes and soul. Feeling helpless and not knowing what to do or how to help. All those times all I could ever wish for was to take away your pain.

When I look back at our vows, I think I now understand the gravity of these promises made and that nothing would come easy. This year taught us about resilience. We are naturally flawed, inconsistent and we can never control what happens. But that’s just how life is and all we could do is to relentlessly march forward. And know that in every step, I am here with you plus, you’re new guardian angel – Mama Melinda. ❤️


Year 27: A Change of Pace

I’d like to believe that by this time, I’ve had a good number of weeks (22 days to be exact) to absorb everything major that has happened. I would love to share you the blow by blow account, every detail, every word, every emotion I felt but I would spare you the boring details and cut to the chase. 


Iceland. Gulfoss Waterfalls. Picture-picture. Shivering to death. Speech. Are you happy? Masaya ka ba? Speech. Dazed. What’s happening. Is this really happening? Unbelievable. Shocked. Surprised. Amazed. Tears, tears, and more tears. Knelt. Box opening. Ring. Shiny. Diamond. Sparkly. Totoo ba to? More tears and finally, YES.