Wow. It’s literally been a while. Where do I even begin?

As with everyone, it has been a very trying time. Physically, emotionally, mentally and all the other ‘ally’ I’m exhausted – quite sure we all were. There were days when I just lose it, and feel all of the exhaustion and frustration eat me up alive and the sadness that comes thinking of how horrible this whole ‘thing’ was for the world and I couldn’t empathise enough but all the tragedies aside, I am more appreciative of each day that I and my family, friends, colleagues wake up alive and well.

Theoretically, I felt like I had some sort of advantage because in my line of work, I somehow understood how it works and some of the basic concepts and I can easily cling to simple measures to avoid it. But with my family – Mama, Auntie and Uncle being here, I was such a nervous wreck. At one point, I was thinking I am just happy for them to be with me. See things that I long wished to share and experience with them. But then, as we all watched the whole situation and how the world took a step back, I literally had sleepless nights worrying over the possibilities of turning what would have been a fun vacation into a disaster. As usual, my ‘advance mag-isip‘ mindset sent me into deep well of anxiety because I just can’t bear the thought of being the one putting them at risk. It’s just so hard finding that balance, but little by little I think we made it work and found ways to make their vacation worthwhile.

Fast forward to 5 months later, I feel some sort of peace knowing that they’re finally back home (after a very disastrous journey of excess baggage and quarantine) and still, healthy (ish). I thought I would be fazed when we sent them off to the airport but that feeling when we got back home and had the house empty for the first time in months just had me weeping so bad. I miss that feeling of security, knowing they’re just around. I miss home cooked meals, our chores holiday and the feeling of going home and seeing people, especially my Mama who’s always so excited to see me.

I guess living away from them the past 6 years did teach me a lot about independence and responsibility but having them here even for a short period of time made me realise how much I miss having them around. How much I still yearn to be babied and not to do any adulting stuff at all. Ahhh I miss them.

Lamyerda Diaries

Lamyerda Diaries: Summer outing @ Brighton

The transition is real! When we all arrived in the UK almost 6 years ago, all we ever did in the first year was of course work,  drink and have fun! A lot of laughs, rants and even tears in between but I’m proud of how this friendship turned into family. And as we continue to grow and evolve, the gang is also getting bigger as we are joined by cute little angels!  Let’s do this trip every year, yeah?

Lamyerda Diaries

12 Hours in Berlin


Busy week, full schedule. I honestly thought of cancelling this trip but everything’s already paid for. Plus, the thought of a literally quick escapade with friends sounded like a good idea.



Booking flights for Germany for the month of October could be a real pain. Although the main event for Octoberfest happens in Munich, buying tickets for the rest of Germany could also come with a hefty price so BOOK AHEAD. As for my case, it was just an overnight trip so we got lucky and secured a £75 (still a bit pricey for me if I’m honest) return flight with Ryanair.


There were 2 airports available and I opted to land in Schönefeld airport (a bit small and I would say basic) which was 40-50 minutes away from city centre.




Transport is quite easy and accessible. From the airport, you can buy day tickets for €7 which I thought was really cheap. Other options would be taking a tram (mostly in the centre) and of course, buses (they also operate Night buses).



  • Berlin Subway App: this helped me navigate my way into Berlin. Although I know Google can easily tell me which, when and were, I pretty much like tracing my way into the lines.
  • Google: mainly for translation, direction, recommendations and literally every question you could think of.
  • Currency card: I literally just brought €1 (this wasn’t even mine, I just saw it lying on the floor) with me plus my card which worked perfectly well.




Certain areas have the signature Europe feel in it through its architecture. Other areas I would say would give you that typical city vibe. I was there on a Saturday but it’s not as crowded as I expected it to be so for the most part, I just sat on a bench and people watched and had my mini photoshoot!




The morning I spent relaxing and sightseeing. I only had a few hours to spare to I just went for the main attractions.

Brandenburg Gate

I was here midday and there were a decent amount of tourists but not too much to make it impossible to have a photo. Take note, I was alone this time so I was just using my tripod + camera + wifi phone + everyone staring to capture this. Hashtag lakayongpake. Lol.

Reichstag Building (Parliament)


My personal favourite would be the memorial. I just thought it was so rich of history and imagined the plight of everyone during this difficult time.

I was exhausted so I just chose to relax and found this sweet spot! Couldn’t help but take pictures!

For the next few hours, I mostly bonded with this bunch and we’re lucky cause there was this Lights Festival by the square which we had the chance to see.

I regret not being able to see the wall art/graffiti but will probably come back with more hours next time. So there’s my 12 hours! I haven’t had time to edit videos yet but will post it here once done. Taaaa!