Farewell, 699.

6 years, 5 post codes. Today, we surrendered our keys for 699. It was bittersweet because despite our short (11 months) stay, I would say it was one of the most memorable times of our married life. That small space was a witness to a lot of tears and struggles; a whole lot of laughter … Continue reading Farewell, 699.

Year 2.

2 years, my love. For better - this year, I've seen how you've grown (I mean about other growth but if you're thinking physically well yeah, I've seen that too and you weren't alone in that division, lol). You took a leap of faith and changed jobs; you left your comfort zone for more opportunity … Continue reading Year 2.

Tita Things: Crash course on Married Life

I am the youngest in the office and one of the perks of working with people twice my age is the wisdom and experience they keep on sharing and teaching me from day to day. And by those lessons I not only mean about work but also life in general- particularly about married life. When … Continue reading Tita Things: Crash course on Married Life