Aca-ntahan: Ed Sheeran! (Dalingay!)

2013. I was on a Victory Liner bus for a 10-12 hour trip from Tuguegarao to Manila. I can't really recall what my trip was for but I came prepared and downloaded a whole album to listen to. At the time, I was still in my Brian Puspos fangirl stage so everything he recommends, I … Continue reading Aca-ntahan: Ed Sheeran! (Dalingay!)

Aca-ntahan: Florence and the Machine @ BST Hyde Park

If you've been a frequent visitor/reader of my blogs, you might notice by now how much I try to channel my feelings through music. Whoever I end up listening to or whichever artist I follow/admire will always have a story of how it all began. So now, here's another story. I have always been a … Continue reading Aca-ntahan: Florence and the Machine @ BST Hyde Park

Random Snippets #18: Diwataaaaaa

Felt the urge to write here because wala lang. I randomly heard one of my favourite jams in high school while hubby's scrolling on his fb feed and hey all I remember are wonderful memories. Nakaka good mood lang. The song by the way was Indio-I's Diwata. And I still remember all the lyrics by … Continue reading Random Snippets #18: Diwataaaaaa