Aca-ntahan: Ed Sheeran! (Dalingay!)

2013. I was on a Victory Liner bus for a 10-12 hour trip from Tuguegarao to Manila. I can’t really recall what my trip was for but I came prepared and downloaded a whole album to listen to. At the time, I was still in my Brian Puspos fangirl stage so everything he recommends, I explore. Somehow, he led me to listen to Ed Sheeran.

Lol, look at my 2013 instagram post with my jailbroken phone. My memory is still quite crisp and the time stamp on the photo is proof! Anyway, yeah I got to know Ed’s music -my favourites were Lego House and The A team but I fell in love with Little Things which he wrote for One Direction. Since then, his career really escalated and my nostalgic self feels the need to see him perform live at least once in my lifetime.

After touring for almost 2 years, he finally decided to conclude it at his hometown in Suffolk which is only an hour drive from Essex. I was ecstatic when I secured the tickets especially when we found out Lewis Capaldi (my husband’s newest favourite) was playing as well. Awesome voice, awesome lad!

I guess all this time, I never really paid attention to how he performs live. I always thought he had a band or something but that whole concert he is THE band, doing his own back up vocals and lead vocals all made possible by the continuous loop gadget thingy. I was blown away, seriously. Pure talent that man is!

Since it was the last tour day, I kind of hoped he would bring out suprise guests like Stormzy or Justin Bieber (hahah wishful thinking much?) but none of them showed up. He didn’t really need them though, and he really went all out on his performance I just sang and jumped the whole set. You can really see the fire in his eyes and the passion for what he is doing. So inspiring and infectious!


Aca-ntahan: Florence and the Machine @ BST Hyde Park

If you’ve been a frequent visitor/reader of my blogs, you might notice by now how much I try to channel my feelings through music. Whoever I end up listening to or whichever artist I follow/admire will always have a story of how it all began. So now, here’s another story.

I have always been a Lola’s girl and when we lost her in 2008, I had a difficult time. I understood it was time for her to go but the sudden void seemed like hell on earth. It was such a struggle to move on and let go. During one of my random outbursts years later, I accidentally came across a new and fresh tune which immediately caught my attention and calmed me enough to actually listen. The words seemed to fit my current state: grief, loss and darkness. I’ve heard songs that I could relate to before but somehow, this one hits on a deeper level. And the voice behind it was so captivating. Very ethereal. So naturally, I researched and found a new musical gem for my playlist: Florence and the Machine. And the song that is now one of my favourite songs ever- Cosmic Love. I know this is more like a love song but the brokenness sort of reached out to what I was feeling at the time. I also instantly became a fan. Then, fast forward to 2011, when I heard Florence’s cover of Drake and Rihanna’s song Take Care I swore from then on it has become my official birthday anthem. I guess it’s safe to say that from the time I found her music, I clung to it and kept it with me wherever I go.

January 2019, days after my birthday, I received an email saying I’ve got 2 tickets to attend the annual British Summertime Time where Florence & the Machine were headlining. I thought it was just spam. I know I wanted to go but it was too good to be true and I didn’t want to get my hopes up over something so unsure. Months passed, I kept receiving update emails but I mostly ignored it because all it kept saying was tickets will be sent to me. If it was indeed legit, then I will just have to be excited once I physically have the tickets until one day, I checked our mailbox – OMFG it was really true! I was crying! Eventually, hubby told me that it was a birthday gift from one of my best friends and I just had to cry a little bit more because obviously, it was a dream come true! Thank you Demeye! <3


To guarantee a spectacular view, we were already at Hyde Park as early as 1pm so we had a lot of spare time hence, the pictures!



It was a really long day but I would say the wait was worth it. We were also lucky cause it was cloudy that day so we didn’t burn under the sun whilst waiting. Among the front acts, I would say Lykke Li was my favourite – what a total performer and she sounded awesome live! I even saw Florence dancing to her backstage. Oh, and in case any of you are also looking for new tunes that have a Frank Ocean-ish feel to it, I would recommend listening to Blood Orange.

And finally, after what felt like a whole shift waiting, here she is!


Her voice was just so incredible. And although I watched videos of her performing on youtube, I never expected her to be so energetic and carefree on stage!



I was literally in tears. For some, it may not be a big deal but these are some of the moments I only ever dreamed of and now, it’s happening right in front of my eyes – all made possible by a very dear friend of mine and I am just so thankful and feel so loved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3<3<3 Makakabawi din ako. :)

Lastly, here’s their setlist!

Screenshot 2019-07-17 at 22.15.23

See you on my next music quest next month! Ta!


Random Snippets

Random Snippets #18: Diwataaaaaa

Felt the urge to write here because wala lang. I randomly heard one of my favourite jams in high school while hubby’s scrolling on his fb feed and hey all I remember are wonderful memories. Nakaka good mood lang. The song by the way was Indio-I’s Diwata. And I still remember all the lyrics by heart nakakatuwa. I am thanking all those who influenced me to listen to this musical genre (reggae) nadala ko hanggang sa pagtanda.


We also just finished watching Goyo and I unconsiously started to sing along with the closing credits. For some reason, I knew the song Bato sa buhangin. Windang yung asawa ko, char!


I-share something that made me laugh so hard today since naumpisahan ko narin naman na. I kenat!