Aca-artehan: New & old finds

Aca-artehan is finally back on regular programming! I haven’t posted anything in a while but for that period since my last entry (Aca-artehan: Current faves) & Aca-artehan: My Skincare routine (eh ano bang alam ko?), I finally found my staple products- well at least for now.

My criteria still stands: I want to be in A.W.E (pucha, ang arte ng paandar ko dito ha! hahaha). A – Affordable | W – Works for me | E – Easily accessible. 


I’ve talked about the Garnier PureActive charcoal (£3.33) previously and I still use it up to now (I’ve got extra stash all the time, that’s how I love it!). I get too lazy at times so I try to look for products that are multi-functional (wash, scrub and mask) so pasok sa vanga! The only downside for me is that it can get a bit messy cause obviously, it’s charcoal but it definitely helped me and my oversized pores. Alternatively and/or subsequently, I also use the Cetaphil Oily skin cleanser (£5.99) which is a joy for my oily skin and the huge pores that come with it. In addition, I use the Foreo Luna PlayPlus (£39) to massage it all over my face and believe me, it unclogs my pores quite excellently.


I did rave about Etude House’s Wonderpore in my previous entry but since I wanted something within arms reach, I had to improvise. Luckily, I stumbled upon Garnier’s Pure Active Clarifying toner (£4.99) which I felt helped to manage my biggest issue – pores – plus, because of it’s salicylic acid component it helps with pimples too! Of course, Mario Badescu facial spray (£7) is still part of the routine and one that I may have forgotten to mention before, Mario B’s drying lotion (£16) which I use for spot treatment.


(1) Lucas Pawpaw in clear plus tints in red and pink (I saw this on TK Maxx and was around £10 for all 3 tubes). I’ve always been curious what the hype was about and I could say it does the job but I’m not it in love with it yet. I’m mainly using these for my lips and so far, it feels quite similar to Vaseline. I’m still waiting to have a change of heart, we’ll see.

(2) Neutrogena Hydro Boost body gel cream (£4.99). This is a new find and I am extremely impressed! A few weeks into using it, I could already see a difference. I wish I’ve discovered this earlier though (would be very useful in winter) but I can see myself using this for the long haul. I think I might also try to explore this hydro boost range.

(3) Finishing Touch Flawless brows (£19.99). Bought this because I’ve been so lazy and the online ads seemed so appealing. I’ve used it twice and it does save me from the pain of plucking or threading.

(4) Hycosan Extra (£8.65). I have a gland dysfunction which causes redness, pain and dry ever so quickly so this is my new essential. Reminds me so much of Eye-mo but it did help improve my symptoms plus it’s also compatible with contact lenses.