Mabuhay! We recently celebrated our first year of marriage and as per tradition, we've decided to reward our 'hard work' with of course, travel! The original plan was going to Copenhagen (scored really cheap tickets) but due to unforseeable circumstances a.k.a me losing Gelo's BRP (UK visa) we just had to ditch the plan and … Continue reading Highlands

Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway

Morning after our wedding, we were (sort of) dragged out of our wits to go into a 6-hour roadtrip with the whole family. The thought that we're all gonna bond is ecstatic but I'm not gonna lie, after all of the stress and exhaustion from planning to preparing to the actual big day, we were … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Fam Bam getaway


Have you ever been overwhelmed with so much you wanted to just escape? I am quite proud to tell everyone that I'm a tough cookie. Kung maikwekwento ko lang lahat ng mga pinagdaanan namin, pinagdaanan ko sa buhay, mahihiya ang Maalala mo kaya sakin. Char! So whenever something comes in my way, I always think … Continue reading Hinga