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Random Snippets #22

| 23:46h | Sunday

I woke up from a really long nap (around 3-ish hours) and while I attempt to get myself to study, I started hovering around and thought I’d clean up and sort some of my albums.

I say this time and time again, I always fear that one day I’ll forget everything hence the unending documentation and collection of pictures, videos and this blog all for the purpose of reminding myself that I had all these memories and thoroughly enjoyed and made the most out of life. Browsing through my collection, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge in my heart – especially those that remind me of HOME.

I was born and raised in a really small town up north. Growing up, I remember how we didn’t have enough malls or restaurants or club and I always wanted to study in Manila and experience city life. I wanted more and felt like I’m missing out on a lot of things. But, looking at all the captured moments, every single one showed pure joy. Looking back, I know that putting other factors aside, growing up in the province didn’t inhibit me at all. It actually made more appreciative of the small things, of what I have and still be thankful for the bigger things; that there’s always beauty in simplicity; that as cheesy as it may sound, it is legit when they say it doesn’t really matter where you are, it’s who you are with;



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Random Snippets: #20


2 years after the show opened in London, I finally watched Hamilton! Just a backstory, ever since I saw them promoting this play and opened for one of the awards show, I have fallen in love with the music. I’ve watched performances on youtube, memorised some of the songs and even saved the playlist on my phone! So imagine how happy I was when they announced they were coming to West End right? It was quite expensive though and seats get fully booked easily. Of course, being the cheapangga person that I am, as much as I loved seeing it asap, I had to be practical and patiently wait for a more budget-friendly ticket. Subscribing to Ticketmaster’s email alerts was my saviour and luckily, my wait had to come to an end – yasss!


The music just won me over a thousand times. I was bopping my head and thumping my fingers the whole time. Another proud moment was Rachel Ann Go’s superb performance. We did try to see her after the show but she already left when we got to the backstage door. Still, we got to personally congratulate the rest of the cast. And PS, that’s not Craig David! It’s Alexander Hamilton Lol! PPS, I was so haggard kaloka! hahahah!IMG_7956

April marks the end of my second module in Uni. Which also mean cramming to finish all the final requirements. I am still trying to polish everything right at this very moment and I just felt like taking a break from writing a very structured and formal essay hence, the random snippet. I am liking the challenge though. And that feeling of accomplishment knowing I am getting somewhere. I don’t exactly know where, but definitely somewhere. I do hope I pass though lol. We’ll see! Also, here’s my mandatory university pic! I am loving all the student discounts!


I have been chasing Aurora for 2 episodes (Iceland and Scotland) now and all I (literally) have is a  3 second image from my mind (she literally just said hi and bye when we were hunting her in Iceland) but nothing for me to physically keep which I can call mine. I know one day, we will eventually catch her but this faux Northern Lights installation in Tower of London a few weeks ago did leave me wanting for more. Artificial but already breathtaking. How much more when I finally see the actual thing? Sooooon bessssh! PS. Not the best photo but, you get what I mean char!


Lastly, can I just say.. Level 1000 nako sa Candy Crush (ultimate pampalipas oras) and on the 1000th day on Timehop. Babush!