#ThirtytaDiaries: Unang Hakbang

I know most people I know did 30 things before turning such age. I did plan on doing that too kaso, tinamad at nagprocastinate. But I think it still is a good idea to do a list now that I’m actually 30 so at least I have something to keep me busy (as if I’m not) and say nung trenta ako, eto yung mga ginawa ko.


Dancing has always been a big part of my life. I even wanted a career out of it. I’m not saying ang galing galing ko ha cause I know I’m not it’s just that it gives me so much joy and a different type of high. All I ever dreamt of was to become one of Michael Jackson’s back up. So nung nategi siya, I told myself ay, si aunti Janet nalang pala muna or Destiny’s child kasi sila yung uso. I did join clubs and contests in college but there were just too many things happening around me I had to take a step back and focus on my studies and later on, my career.

Yung step back ko, never nang nagstep forward ulit. I got too caught up with everything kinalimutan ko yung isa sa mga bagay na nagpapasaya sakin. Since my project 30 is about indelible memories and reconnecting with my passions (gusto mo yong may pa theme ako? Hahaha), it was just right to start it with dancing. Ayan na, finally taking my first step forward. Hasthag Ang unang hakbang.

Parang ang daling sabihin nung unang hakbang but I’ve actually lost all confidence to do it. I’ve searched for numerous programmes available- yung beginner friendly (dahil my skills are basically back to 0) and di sing mahal because you know, a true Tita is well versed with the term value for money. Luckily, I found one that offers a free trial session. Paaaak! Thiz iz it!

Napaaakaaahabaaa nung chika ko but to cut it a bit short (wow ha) I finally took classes after so many years of uncertainty and procastinatiob. Unfortunately, no videos or pictures were taken kasi nabusy ang lola nyo. I’m rubbish now compared to when I was so active but I was just so happy doing it ayoko na ngang umuwi.

I guess what I learned from this experience is that despite getting caught up with all your responsibilities like bills or work and everything adulting, wag din kakalimutan yung responsibility to yourself to make time to do the things that make you happy. Napaka iksi ng life! We will never really know when our time is due thus grab every opportunity or take chances as soon as possible.

Hanggang sa muli! Taaaaa!


Thirty-Ta Diaries

That was it, guysssshhhh! I have officially graduated from 20s and officially starting a new life wave. Exciting! I have to admit though, I have always imagined a big birthday bash or do something huge (skydive was top list!) for my 30th. I wanted to believe that this was an important milestone thus, a celebration! But then again, do I really have the time and energy for all of that now?

Over the years I noticed how my energy plunged into a massive decline. I no longer crave for the usual stuff I have always thought of doing. I would much rather stay home. A lot of things changed: my beliefs, perceptions, goals; I like to keep things low key and simple now. I try not to overshare and stay away from too much social media; I no longer fret over silly, unimportant things; I’m still the same old me, only a bit brand new? Char! Eto pala yung tinutukoy sa kanta ng A1.

So my theme for my 30th? S E L F – C A R E. I didn’t want to do anything that would require any unwanted effort. Ang gusto ko lang, magpahinga.

10am, I actually woke up to this sight. Breakfast in bed was such a delight parang pwede ba everyday na ito?

The only thing I planned to do was to get my well deserved massage. It’s too expensive from this side of the world (£42) as compared to the ones back home but I owe it to my body so I had to indulge. Ang sherep lang talaga.

Relaxing music. Heated bed. Zen music. The peace, the calm – exactly how I wanted my 30th year to be.

For the rest of the day, we just watched Aquaman, quick dinner and played a few games and then reunited with my bed and my current read. Happy days ❤️

I think by now, one of the most important thing I learned was how it’s vital to appreciate the quiet moments; yung walang background noise from negative thoughts, unsolicited opinions, self doubt or even social media. Yung focus ka lang on the people who show genuine love and support for you; and also, treat yourself din, even for just 1 day kasi deserve mo yan.

Cheers to more fruitful years ahead and cheers to myself! Char! Laters mga besh!