Lamyerda Diaries

Lamyerda Diaries: Summer outing @ Brighton

The transition is real! When we all arrived in the UK almost 6 years ago, all we ever did in the first year was of course work,  drink and have fun! A lot of laughs, rants and even tears in between but I’m proud of how this friendship turned into family. And as we continue to grow and evolve, the gang is also getting bigger as we are joined by cute little angels!  Let’s do this trip every year, yeah?

Lamyerda Diaries

Lamyerda Diaries: God’s Own Junk Yard

I finally took a day off from being sick and decided to breathe in a bit of fresh air from the outside. I’ve had a rough couple of days and after my endless coughing and quick trip to the A&E, I deserve a bit of wandering and sunshine. On my list – God’s own junkyard!

God’s own junk yard is like a live kaleidoscope of neon colours curated by Mr. Chris Bracey. It does bring a bit of Las Vegas lights to mind but the overall aesthetic and the way everything has been creatively put together gives an ecclectic, dreamy artsy atmosphere.

My obsession with funky, artsy things led me to finding this spot online and I’ve been wanting to visit this for the longest time. It was a 45 min drive from Basildon and there is parking space available. For commute, the nearest train station is Walthamstow Central (overground) + 13 ish minute walk to the estate.

I was pleasantly surprised arriving into the estate. Apart from the neon lights, I didn’t really expect anything else but getting there, I was already loving the vibe – just chill, laid back with music and beer and people baskin under the sun. I already can see myself coming back!

The actual junkyard is housed in like a big warehouse. Few steps in and you’ll be greeted by a lightfeast to the eyes! Just be mindful cause only phone cameras are allowed inside so don’t bother bringing anything else. Initially, I thought we would be asked to pay some amount but entrance is free!

Mind you it can get pretty busy and it can be packed with tourists but after several rounds of oggling the lights, you can take a moment to sit down and actually dine inside. Cakes and drinks and a few hot meals are available. Can I also say, they were playing a bangin playlist the whole time and I’m doubly impressed!

Overall, this is a nice gem to visit and would definitely tick one of the instagrammable and must visit spots in London.

Lamyerda Diaries

12 Hours in Berlin


Busy week, full schedule. I honestly thought of cancelling this trip but everything’s already paid for. Plus, the thought of a literally quick escapade with friends sounded like a good idea.



Booking flights for Germany for the month of October could be a real pain. Although the main event for Octoberfest happens in Munich, buying tickets for the rest of Germany could also come with a hefty price so BOOK AHEAD. As for my case, it was just an overnight trip so we got lucky and secured a £75 (still a bit pricey for me if I’m honest) return flight with Ryanair.


There were 2 airports available and I opted to land in Schönefeld airport (a bit small and I would say basic) which was 40-50 minutes away from city centre.




Transport is quite easy and accessible. From the airport, you can buy day tickets for €7 which I thought was really cheap. Other options would be taking a tram (mostly in the centre) and of course, buses (they also operate Night buses).



  • Berlin Subway App: this helped me navigate my way into Berlin. Although I know Google can easily tell me which, when and were, I pretty much like tracing my way into the lines.
  • Google: mainly for translation, direction, recommendations and literally every question you could think of.
  • Currency card: I literally just brought €1 (this wasn’t even mine, I just saw it lying on the floor) with me plus my card which worked perfectly well.




Certain areas have the signature Europe feel in it through its architecture. Other areas I would say would give you that typical city vibe. I was there on a Saturday but it’s not as crowded as I expected it to be so for the most part, I just sat on a bench and people watched and had my mini photoshoot!




The morning I spent relaxing and sightseeing. I only had a few hours to spare to I just went for the main attractions.

Brandenburg Gate

I was here midday and there were a decent amount of tourists but not too much to make it impossible to have a photo. Take note, I was alone this time so I was just using my tripod + camera + wifi phone + everyone staring to capture this. Hashtag lakayongpake. Lol.

Reichstag Building (Parliament)


My personal favourite would be the memorial. I just thought it was so rich of history and imagined the plight of everyone during this difficult time.

I was exhausted so I just chose to relax and found this sweet spot! Couldn’t help but take pictures!

For the next few hours, I mostly bonded with this bunch and we’re lucky cause there was this Lights Festival by the square which we had the chance to see.

I regret not being able to see the wall art/graffiti but will probably come back with more hours next time. So there’s my 12 hours! I haven’t had time to edit videos yet but will post it here once done. Taaaa!