Aca-ntahan, Acan’t Forget

ACAn’t forget: Zigazig ah!

Writing this entry while on my way home and fresh from the Spice Girls concert. Aaaaahhhhh! My heart is so happy being transported back into the 90s! That being said, I just want to share bits and pieces from my childhood memories of girl power:

  • I bought my first ever walkman in first grade while we were vacationing in Manila. As in super clear from my memory: sa SM North department store music section I bought a black sony walkman which cost me my whole savings. Of course, para magamit ko siya, I had to buy cassette tapes and my first ever purchased albums were Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere and of course, Spice Girls’ Spice.
  • First grade din, I was running for a position in the student government org. Siyempre, apart from the speeches, uso yung may pa dance number pag campaign. Our dance: Wanna be by Spice Girls and believe it or not, memorise ko padin yung steps sa chorus part.
  • Kasagsagan ng Spice Girls fever, nauso yung pink glittery and chunky/ platform shoes. Nagpabili ako sa tita ko kasi di ko afford dahil sobrang mahal parang 3k ata yun from skechers. Good thing my feet barely grew so from 2nd-6th grade ko siya naitawid isuot.
  • I’ve always loved baby spice but I was intrigued with how pilya ginger spice was. But when I was in high school, I’ve grown to love sporty spice cause I felt she always had a powerful voice plus I loved her song Never be the same.
  • England/UK/Great Britain first came to my consciousness because of them, and of course, who would forget the iconic dress flag?
  • When they disbanded, I was in denial. Naniwala ako na magkakabalikan din sila. I think I only came to terms with it nung nagkanya kanyang album na ang mga ate.
  • My favourite memory would be when my sisters (Fuzzies) threw me a despedida party and Goodbye by Spice Girls was sort of the theme song. I miss them everyday.

Anyway, I think I’ve hanashed way too much! I’m just so ecstatic because after all this time, I finally got the chance to see them perform live. Dati, pangarap lang itetch. Isa to sa mga dineday dream ko nung bata pa ako. Sigh.

I wasn’t able to take any photos or videos apart from the 1 or 2 stories I posted on my IG because I chose to just enjoy and sing and dance my heart out. I even ended up surprising myself cause I still knew every song, every lyric, even the ooohs and ahhhs pakak parin sa memory ko. As in every single song sa set list kinanta ko besh! I still even know the dance steps it felt like I was transported back into the 90s. Bonus pa cause they had Jess Glynne to front act for them narinig ko pa yung isa sa favourite song kong Take me home live oh diba bongga!?

When they started singing Viva Forever, mga veh, medyo teary eyed nako tapos sinundan pa ng let love lead the way then goodbye. Pero what really started the waterworks was when they sang Mama. As in nadama kong national anthem ko siya. Haaaay! Also, I kind of hoped Victoria would make an appearance pero waley ang ate nyo. Sayang but I still had an awesome time.

Just for reference, here’s the setlist!


I woke up like this

The 14-hour trip from the Philippines won’t stop me from seeing one of my life-pegs. Magkamatayan na. Ravan, ganern! 

Backstory: I got back in UK around Saturday midnight and as expected, (jetlagged) only got some sleep around half past 3, only after buying the Yonce ticket. I failed to set any alarms since all my batteries were maxed out but I didn’t really think I would sleep till late afternoon.

After some time, I woke up. Walked to where I charged my phone and saw it was already half past 6. Double checked with the watches beside it which bore the same time. Instantly, my brain panicked! I felt my world whirled around me and suddenly felt dizzy and tripped going to the bathroom. I cursed and rushed and cursed again, thinking I was so late. I even thought of not taking a bath anymore and just head out which is literally tempting and kept whispering myself I could pass up with the tagline: I woke up like this. Anyway, I did a wuick bath and changed and then, my housemate messaged me, asking if I had a spare charger. So I said yes, and brought it to the next room. While I was handing it to her, I asked her:

Me: ate, umaga ba ngayon or gabi na? (Take note, I was already dressed and ready to go at this time)

Ais: umaga palang. Nagtataka nga ako sayo bat ang aga mo naligo, nagready hahahahaha

Me: 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

Shengeneh! Wow Mali! Hahahahah. Okay, so I totally panicked for no reason. On the good side, I still had loads of time to kill.

Fast forward to: W E M B L E Y!

I wanted to get the pitch standing tickets but considering my height vs the Brits, and the amount of people who will prolly watch, I saved myself the hassle of neck stretching, tip toeing and got a seat instead. My spot’s not that bad though.

I wish I could show you more pictures, or videos but as I do in most concerts I’ve been, I try to have the full experience sans the camera/phone on my hands. But I’m telling you, she was just phenomenal. The energy is unbelievable. Not even a trace of heavy breathing from the singing and awesome dancing. I just can’t even.

On her last song, (Halo) as much as I’d hate to admit, I was actually crying. It was an unbelievable experience (who would’ve thought this probinsyana would see her idol) + an inspiring song (damang dama ko ang bawat lyrics teh! Hugot to the max!) 

I’m still on a yoncè-high. My heart is smiling.