ACAn’t forget: Zigazig ah!

Writing this entry while on my way home and fresh from the Spice Girls concert. Aaaaahhhhh! My heart is so happy being transported back into the 90s! That being said, I just want to share bits and pieces from my childhood memories of girl power: I bought my first ever walkman in first grade while we … Continue reading ACAn’t forget: Zigazig ah!

I woke up like this

The 14-hour trip from the Philippines won't stop me from seeing one of my life-pegs. Magkamatayan na. Ravan, ganern!  Backstory: I got back in UK around Saturday midnight and as expected, (jetlagged) only got some sleep around half past 3, only after buying the Yonce ticket. I failed to set any alarms since all my batteries … Continue reading I woke up like this